Elsa Babe ™

Elsa Babe (Alias “Elsa Babes”) is our latest silicone sex doll collection available. This manufacturer has initially been famous in Asian markets such as Japan and Korea, with a silicone sex doll line with mostly kawaii, hentai, and anime like faces.

Elsa Babes sex dolls are designed specifically for hentai lovers, and although their collection is yet to grow bigger, they do have quite a lot of fantasy like faces such as elves, animorphic or anime like silicone sex doll heads.

Elsa Babe silicone dolls have several exclusive in-house options & upgrades such as the ability to choose the breasts size (S, M or L for 148cm sex dolls, and also for their XL & XXL for 150cm and 165cm models).

Want to see how Elsa Babe sex dolls compare to other silicone or TPE doll manufacturers? Check our sex doll comparison guide here.

Below are allof our Elsa Babes available. You can either click on the pre-configured (head + body) below thumbnail pictures or build your own D4E sex doll from head to toe using the configuration form of any given model.

Single heads from this sex doll manufacturer will be available soon on our silicone single head customizer.

Single bodies from Elsa Babe will be available on our Silicone single body customizer.

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Showing 1–16 of 188 results

Showing 1–16 of 188 results