Closed Eyes Sex Dolls

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Sex dolls with closed eyes have sealed eyelids. You cannot select the eyes color, if you select a face with closed eyes. Closed eyelids cannot be opened on TPE Doll faces with closed eyes.

Concomitantly, sex dolls with open eyes also have fixed eyelids that cannot be closed. You can still move the eyes in different directions as well as forward or backward, giving you a large array of different facial expressions!

You can click here to customize your own TPE doll with closed eyes from head to toe!

Our experienced professionals and artists sculpt our TPE dolls faces, in order to achieve a the most stunning lifelike results. Models with closed eyelids have a sexy rictus as if they were moaning with pleasure!

Our sex dolls are made with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This material is a more economic alternative to silicone, with far more elasticity, as well as other additional advantages and no inconvenients. You can read more between the difference of TPE vs silicone on this page.

Except for the eyes on these faces, you can still customize all other attributes such as skin color, wig style, nails, pubic hair, vagina type, areolas size and color, etc…make sure to check our upgrade options too!

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Showing all 29 results