Animorphic Sex Dolls

Browse below our selection of sex dolls with an animorphic face.

Sex dolls classified as animorphic have animal like facial features (ears, nose, mouse), mimicking the look of creatures such as rabbits, dogs, or mice.

If you would like a particular body with a different animorphic sex doll head from our prebuilt selection below, you can click here to customize your own animorphic silicone sex doll from Elsa Babe!

Note that some animorphic sex doll heads have larger diameter eyeballs (for example some of Elsa Babe models). These are larger and not compatible by default with the regular eyeballs, as eye sockets are larger. Note also that most of these heads have big animal-like ears that are part of the mould and cannot be changed.

Fine Love Dolls also offers a large collection of cosplay outfits for your sex dolls to turn your lady into a life size replica! View all of our cosplay outfits here.

Currently only Elsa Babe has developed such sex dolls, which are all made of silicone. No animorphic TPE sex dolls are available so far unfortunately.

Any details can be personalized on our animorphic dolls such as skin tone, eye color, hair style, nails, pubic hair, vagina type, areolas size and color, etc…Our dolls are 100% like the pictures. Build the animorphic silicone or TPE sex doll of your dream!

Showing all 9 results

Showing all 9 results