Fiona (WM Doll ®) • 163cm | 5’4″ • 32F

$ 2,099.00

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Here comes another of our 163cm plump love doll! Meet our wonderful sex doll Fiona. Her sexy curves just like a BBW will leave you breathless!

Fiona belongs to Sugar Dolls, Fine Love Dolls exclusive line of TPE Dolls by WM Doll. Her skin tone is #5 tan skin tone on the pictures, but you can select either a darker or a lighter skin tone as you prefer! To view all of Fine Love Dolls exclusive models, please follow this link.

This love doll has apparent teeth, which are colored with non-toxic white acrylic oil paint. You can achieve the same result with our acrylic paint available here.

Fiona has generous large hips and F-cup breasts. If you wish to see this 163cm (5ft4) body with a different head on, you can also check this page for all of our 163cm WM Doll models. Any TPE doll with “163cm 32F” in her product title has the same body as Fiona.

WARNING: This 163cm body is very heavy (42kg|92.6lbs) Make sure to check our guide regarding carrying and handling of TPE Dolls. We do not recommend you to select this model if you have back problems.

If your housing facility is located upstairs without an elevator access, you will require additional hands from the carrier to bring your doll inside! All boxes are unmarked plain brown with no mention of what is inside, so you can pretend that it is a furniture!

Make sure to check for your plump sex doll dimensions tabs below as well! This measure will help you find the best clothing that fits your sex doll! Please visit our clothing size chart page to find the right size for your doll.

Furthermore, if you are not sure which configuration to select, you can purchase this TPE doll exactly “as is”, by simply selecting “Same as pictures”, for each customization option down below.

You can also select any additional accessories, by creating your own custom bundle kit here.

More information about our TPE Dolls are also available on our sex dolls Guide page. To learn in details about shipping & deliveries for our TPE sex dolls, please visit this page.

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