Garine (Bezlya ®) • 160cm | 5’3″ • 32AA • Head #S5 • Elf Ears • Hybrid

USD 2,099.00

Meet Garine, our new Bezlya 160cm hybrid sex doll with small AA-cup breasts. Hybrid models have a silicone head with a TPE body. Note that this silicone sex doll head #S5 has elf ears which are part of the mould and cannot be changed. You can also see this Bezlya silicone head on another body on this sex doll model.

This Bezlya 160cm sex doll has a silicone head, which is more expensive than regular TPE heads, and has a wig on the pictures, option that you can select down below. You can also have implanted hair and/or eyebrows instead, which is more expensive. Alternatively, lace wigs can also replicate the naturally blending hairline better, to mimic implanted hair realism. For more information about the differences between regular wigs, lace wigs or implanted hair, please visit this page.

This Bezlya 160cm elf sex doll has brown eyes on the pictures, as well as dark brown hair. You can select any attribute down below instead, from our wide selection of options.

Our Bezlya elf sex dolls are fully customizable down below. You can also see this Bezlya 160cm body with a different head on, on this page. Any doll with “160cm 32AA” in her product title has the same body as Garine.

Make sure to check for your 160cm Bezlya elf sex doll dimensions tabs below as well! This measure will help you find the best clothing that fits your doll! Please visit our clothing size chart page to find the right size for your sex dolls.

Like the way Garine looks on the pics? If you are not sure which configuration to select, you can purchase this Bezlya 160cm sex doll exactly “as is”, by simply ticking the checkbox “Same as pictures” for all options below.

You can also select any additional accessories, by creating your own custom bundle kit here.