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Welcome to our sex dolls shop! Browse among 1,500+ ultra realistic TPE Dolls, or create your own 100% custom TPE doll from head to toe! Have a question? Contact us at the bottom right of the page! We speak English, French, Spanish & Chinese! Fine Love Dolls is the biggest sex dolls shop, in the US & Worldwide. But don’t take our word for it, verify & compare with any competitor!


Checkout our Autumn deals! For a limited period of time only, buy 1 doll and get 15% off on any models on our shop + 1 free extra head.

You can if you prefer, select any 2 of our other 8 ongoing deals instead or 1 deal if alongside the 15% discount

Coupon codes & More information on this page.


Choose between 8 different deals always available for any doll purchase.

These deals are available all year long! You can either get a free extra head alongside your doll, free clothing and jewelries or cosplay outfits, cash discounts, free repair or cleaning kits and much more!

Coupon codes & More information on this page.

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Found the same model cheaper elsewhere? We price match! As long as the vendor sells authentic models (and not counterfeit low-quality low cost copies). Simply contact us with the link of the model that you saw cheaper elsewhere, and please let us know which premium options you are looking for. Please note that if we price match, our other deals won’t be available anymore.


Fine Love Dolls has an ever-growing line of 30+ exclusive WM Doll models.

We also have 10 exclusive WM Doll heads so far, that you won’t find nowhere else!

Checkout our latest available beauties!

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Checkout our single body customizer if you are only looking for a body. If you are only looking for TPE Dolls heads, you can visit our single head customizer.

If you are only looking for TPE Dolls heads, you can visit our single head customizer.

For full dolls, click on below button:

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Feeling lucky or simply can’t afford the doll of your dreams? Win her instead with our sex doll lottery & choose your favorite sex doll as a prize!

To see your lottery tickets, visit this page. TPE dolls lottery terms & conditions, please see here. List of current participants per lottery is listed under “lottery history”

Lotteries typically take an average of 2 month to complete (for a winner to be selected).


Not sure what options to select in order for your doll to look just like the pictures? Simply select “Same as pictures” for each customization option!

TPE Dolls are all moulded through molten TPE injection into the same mould depending on the model, and look just like the pictures!

You can see some of our previous TPE Dolls orders on this page.

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We have the largest selection of accessories for sex dolls. Browse among more than a 1,000 items for your doll.

Checkout our ever-growing collection! From Clothing to cosplay outfits, necklaces, wristlets, rings, piercings, kinky devices, tattoos, wigs, eyes, etc…and much more!

tattoo decals


Turn your sex doll into a rockstar with our awesome collection of 500+ tattoos. You can select any kind and sizes, to suit any body part in particular.

Let your creativity flow! From back tattoos to legs, arms, etc…as well as smaller ones.

Tattoos are easy to apply and to remove from your TPE Doll. Checkout how to do so with our sex dolls tattoo tutorial here.

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Fine Love Dolls works with the industry top freight forwarders and carriers, to guarantee the fastest & most secure delivery lead time. Being based in China has several advantages, including the ability to carry on-spot inspection of the sex dolls that we sell, unlike most US Based vendors, who are actually drop shippers.

Our teams are located in Shanghai, Shenzhen & Hong Kong. These strategic locations allow us not only to be very reactive, but also to know the best logistic roads and to guarantee your TPE Doll will arrive faster than expected.


You might bitterly find out after placing your order that a lot of doll vendors will not actually provide you the proper customer service or support that you expect and deserve, after reception of your order. Count on us to always walk that extra mile and be here for you anytime if anything is needed.

Another issue when buying a doll from non Chinese based vendors is that you have several middlemen agent(s) in between you and the manufacturer, acting as a translator and distributor between you, the vendor, and the factory. Needless to say, these sex dolls stores have strictly no recourse to protect you, nor to speak on your behalf if necessary. Your order is being heard through the grapevine.



Last updated on September 28th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

Production lead time for our TPE Dolls is 6-8 days on average. Please note that additional delays may apply on occasional basis. For example, if a sex doll do not pass our quality control test.

Shipping lead time is 6-8 days on average for USA and 10-15 days for Europe.

For more information about sex dolls order process and lead time, please follow this link.

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Fine Love Dolls prices include free shipping to most countries worldwide. Please make sure that sex dolls are authorized in your country of reception here.

You can also see all free shipping destinations here.

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Last updated on September 28th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

Our sex dolls are shipped duty paid for Europe and USA. The prices displayed on store are the prices you pay, and no additional taxes will be asked on top of the price you pay.

Please check this link to see all duty paid countries.

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Last updated on September 28th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

Our customer privacy is our main priority. Our name will appear as “24/7 Billing Company” on your bank statement, and the package you will receive is a plain brown box with no indication of the product nature.

We guarantee a discreet shipping and delivery for all of our sex dolls. The carrier does not know what is inside the package either.

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Last updated on September 28th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

As soon as your doll is ready to ship, we will send you your doll pictures and your tracking code.

Visit our tracking page and download our tracking app here to receive live notifications directly onto your mobile device and follow your doll’s journey at every stage!

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As the demand for sex dolls grow, so do scam stories. Fine Love Dolls is here to help you understand in details how the industry is organized.


Most people have heard of silicone made sex dolls before, but a substitute material Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) has since then been growing in popularity. This is because TPE Dolls have proven to be more realistic looking, radically cheaper and more durable than their silicone counterparts. You can learn more about the differences between TPE and silicone on this page.

This segment of the sex doll industry exists since only a few years,  and is lacking a higher authority. This paves the way for all sort of scammers to operate in total impunity without any regulations.

Keep in mind that all TPE Dolls are produced in China. Most vendors or self proclaimed distributors located outside of China have no control over production or quality inspection.


Do not get mislead by reselling networks recommending you “authorized resellers” to buy from. You should always double check the information you receive to make your own opinion.

Shy away from unscrupulous vendors pretending to represent a given brand, to be an “authorized reseller”, or even the factory producing these models. Keep in mind that Fine Love Dolls maintain operating costs at the lowest to guarantee you the best prices. TPE Doll vendors advertising prices several hundreds of dollars cheaper than us should have you skeptical, especially when these prices do not even cover the production cost of the doll and its shipping fees.

You should be careful and always double check reviews hosted elsewhere, when looking for a place to buy a TPE Doll. Many of the main TPE Doll vendors artificially create reviews. Do not get fooled by resellers advertising hundreds of reviews to mislead you into believing that they dominate the market.


There is a handful of recognized manufacturers producing authentic brands sold on Fine Love Dolls. There are twice as many counterfeiters and bad quality brands. When acquiring a TPE Doll, the blend and polymers quality is critical to the product’s durability. You can check our TPE Doll brand comparison here.

As a rule of thumb make sure to avoid resellers that do not clearly specify which brand is advertised on the product pictures, or display the wrong options (such as eyes selection). Make sure to also check for dimension and never hesitate to ask for previous order pictures, you can see ours here.

To learn in greater details how the TPE Doll industry is organized, please visit this link.


The following website: tried to become our affiliate, which we refused as they host affiliate reviews of alleged fake sellers of copies, and did not wish to be associated with their misleading practices. You can read more about it here.

A dishonest and defamatory review was posted in return, and we are currently taking appropriate actions.


SexDollsReview is a honest and holistic website reviewing authentic vendors, you can read more about them here:


The doll industry is particularly subject to scams of all kinds. Keep in mind that no authority is currently applying any regulations on this market, allowing scammers to proliferates like cockroaches.

Fine Love Dolls does not force or incentivize our customers for reviews, and we are very thankful whenever you take the time to leave us your honest feedback.

Always feel free to ask for customers feedback on main love doll communities such as Dollsbook, The Doll Forum, or Our Doll Community.

Fine Love Dolls has been operating since 2017 and has completed over 1,000 orders since its creation. Should we gather more good reviews? We should. Would we have gotten a lot of bad reviews if we were to sell fake products? We would.

We stand behind the quality of our carefully selected partners. You can always count on us if anything is ever needed.


Looking for your first love doll? Make sure to checkout our sex dolls guide! Learn in details how TPE Dolls are made and visit our TPE Dolls forum for awesome tips & advices!

You can browse all existing topics here. You can also checkout each forum by category on this page. If you have a question or piece of advice that you would like to share with others feel free to post it on our TPE Dolls forums! We happily welcome all guest bloggers to join us!

Nowadays owning a sex doll is pretty common and mainstream, and a lot of online forums gather insightful news & advices regarding TPE Dolls. The two main sex dolls forums being The Doll Forum and Our Doll Community. These places are also great to encounter new people with the same passion around your area.

You are also warmly welcome to join Dollsbook, a website dedicated exclusively to doll kinds. This powerful social network is packed with awesome features, and will enable you to meet other doll owners sharing the same passion and points of interest!


Sex dolls are undeniably of great support to gain self confidence in bed. This attribute is a rare quality for men to possess in our today world.

Paradoxically meeting new persons is easier than ever before thanks to social medias and dating websites available. However, real relationships are becoming harder to build.


Apart from the rise of technology and individualism, there are rising concerns regarding pornography, and how it negatively impact our daily lives. While the evidence may not be scientifically proven yet, a recent study carried on Reddit by the “NoFap” community is helping researchers to better understand the effects of pornography and how it affects our behavior.

Internet porn is ubiquitous, and addiction to it is a growing problem as easy access clashes with evolutionary features of sexual behavior. The above study has found that overuse of porn can cause users to suffer from sexual dysfunction as well as relationship dysfunction, depression and other negative symptoms.


On the other hand, another study by Sarah Valverde breaks all stereotypes regarding doll owners. Results show that most of them have full satisfaction with their lives, and do not suffer for higher than normal rates of depression or other mental illness.

TPE Dolls will boost your sexual stamina, enhance your creativity and imagination in a healthy way.

Sex dolls are not for perverts or decadent people and there are many understandable and legitimate motivations for owning one. Some doll owners are simply using them as a toy to have fun. Some owners have social anxiety or disabilities that make human relationships difficult. Doll owners can also be widowers who wish to reproduce a loved one, photograph artists, etc…

Dolls are now being more socially accepted and not only single men acquire TPE Dolls. A lot of couples also purchase sex dolls to spice up their relationship and enhance their sexual skills. Sex dolls are here also a great alternative to try new things without having to involve a third human being.


According to feminists, sex dolls are an objectification of women, we believe they do not. Our TPE Dolls & Silicone sex dolls are works of art and masterpieces of realism. Their great aesthetics will not only bring you a relaxing presence, but will also please your eyes on a daily basis, just like a beautiful piece of art would. Our sex dolls are a celebration of women’s natural beauty.


Before finding application in sex dolls, Thermoplastic Elastomer was already in our daily lives surrounding us. It is only since a few years that new applications to emerge for this amazing material, but TPE has been around for a long time. Look in your toolbox for example, you probably will find an hammer that has a soft shock reducing grip. A lot of medical or household items also are made of thermoplastic elastomer.


Fine Love Dolls carefully select each supplier we work with. We make sure that all manufacturers provide official laboratory analysis. All materials are premium Thermoplastic Elastomers with medical grade TPE and food grade TPE certifications.

TPE Dolls have numerous advantages over their silicone dolls counterpart. TPE is an emerging material of choice for medical devices also. This is because of the material chemical inertness and genuine ingredients “purity”. Medical grade TPE is often used for food applications, as it is a phthalates-free material (no plasticizers). It is also free from PVC, Bisphenol A, and latex proteins. If you have an allergy to latex, TPE Dolls are just what you need.

Sex dolls with medical grade can go through a particular sterilization process, making it a safe alternative to latex or silicone sex dolls. All of our TPE Dolls are compliant for RoHS, REACHFDA.

Additionally, our TPE Dolls have extremely low extractables or leachables, especially when being in contact with aqueous liquids such as body fluids. Our TPE dolls are biocompatible per ISO 10993 testing for cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitisation.

Other common use of TPE include sealing rings for example in soda bottle caps and closure liners. Medical grade TPE is also used for prosthetic cushions, tubing, surgical positioners, etc…thanks to a high degree of purity, TPE is ideal for medical applications.


Thermoplastic Elastomers are leading the revolution not only for sex dolls but in the medical industry as well. TPE Dolls offers undeniable advantages over alternative materials. One of the main one being that TPE processes more efficiently and at a more affordable price than silicone. TPE Dolls provide greater design freedom, and unlike silicone, you can also recycle it. This amazing material enables sex dolls manufacturers to come up with superior properties products while avoiding issues usually associated with silicone, PVC or latex.

Silicone sex dolls surely also have their benefits, for example, a higher resistance to heat and a lower resilience. However TPE Dolls remain a more cost-effective alternative. In most cases, TPE Dolls offer better results over silicone.


TPE Dolls offer numerous advantages over silicone dolls. You can see the differences between TPE and silicone in greater details on this page.

♥  Sex dolls made of premium TPE are more durable than silicone dolls

♥  TPE Dolls can retain heat, and you can optimize your experience with our USB warming rod

♥  Thermoplastic Elastomer is a water resistant material. Water drips on your TPE Doll’s skin like it would on the human one.

♥  In addition to being a durable material, TPE Dolls are very easy to repair invisibly shall any tearing was to occur. You an also clean virtually any stain.

♥  Our TPE dolls models are softer than most silicone dolls. Touch feeling is really realistic and life like.


Our TPE Dolls are not just sex dolls. You are free to let your creativity flow, and there are virtually no limit in their applications!

A lot of TPE Dolls owners will use our models for photography purpose, but also for drawing, makeup styling and any other dummy model applications.

TPE Dolls are very suitable to replace mannequins in fashion shows for example. If you are selling high-end clothing, the realism of our dolls will magnify your product. Replace your sad plaster mannequin for an ultra realistic model and enhance your work to a whole new level!

Using TPE Doll as high-end mannequins brings numerous advantages. New leads to your point of sale, or as an occupation for the eyes of bored men brought along for shopping by their wives!


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Showing all 4 results