TPE glue & Ear fix TPE Doll Head

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    TPE glue & Ear fix TPE Doll Head

    Hello everyone, here is a video on how to fix a torn ear with TPE glue. You can purchase this glue here at

    Step 1: Clean area with 100% rubbing alcohol, or denatured alcohol. Let dry well.

    Step 2: Depending on the wound, you will want to do this is 1/2 cm sections. After applying glue to both sides to be glued (light amount) press and hold parts together for 2-3 minutes. Only butting the torn parts together.

    DO NOT use too much force as it will distort the TPE parts and it will look bad.

    Step 3: Allow TPE glue to cure/dry for 5-8 minutes between sections. After wound is “healed” allow to dry/cure for 2-3 hours or more if possible.

    See video link here:

    Hope this helps!!


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